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Are you a victim of workplace discrimination or you have lost your job at employment due to some irrelevant reason? To know more:
Posted by Carney Shegerian on 4.2.18 in Internet Law. (CA)
St. Petersburg lawyer Larry Joe Davis Jr. has sued AVVO claiming that they gave him an unfairly low rating. “’s manipulation of lawyers via the join-us-and-fix-it-or-else strategy is beyond unfair and approaches actionable blackmail.” The case is Larry Jo Davis v. AVVO
Posted by The LawLink Team on 9.2.10 in Internet Law.
Class action lawsuit claims Yelp extorts businesses to pay monthly fees in exchange for removing or de-emphasizing negative reviews. The case is Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital v. Yelp, Inc.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 2.26.10 in Internet Law.
Twittering For Lawyers by Jay Jaffe: A Jaffe White Paper. A very interesting primer on Twitter for lawyers. A must read for any lawyer interested in Twitter.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 6.3.09 in Internet Law.
In the cover story for the May 2009 New York State Bar Association Journal, Jones Day partner Steven Bennett authors: "Who's Talking Now - Legal Implications of Twitter Social Networking Technology."
Posted by The LawLink Team on 5.18.09 in Internet Law.
Class Action complaint filed against Yahoo for failing to accept Microsoft's buy-out proposals.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 6.2.08 in Internet Law.
Filed in San Francisco Superior Court, Craigslist sues Ebay for unfair and unlawful competition. Read the complaint filed on May 13, 2008.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 5.13.08 in Internet Law.
In this lawsuit, Ebay accuses of Craigslist of unlawfully diluting Ebay's stake in Craigslist to below 25% so that Ebay no longer has the right to appoint a director. Read the Complaint that was previously under seal.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 4.30.08 in Internet Law.
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Craigslist cannot be held liable for discriminatory housing ads posted on its website.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 3.17.08 in Internet Law.