LawPact Announces Agenda for its Spring 2010 Conference in Toronto, Canada

LawPact is an international association of small to medium size independent business law firms. There are currently have 49 members – 32 in North America, 2 in South America, 14 in Europe, and 1 in India. LawPact is seeking to add quality member firms in locales where we do not currently have a member. The typical member firm has from 5 to 25 professionals, and a broad general business and commercial litigation practice. Interested firms are invited to attend the conference. If your firm is interested, contact Douglas Conover at [email protected]
Douglas Conover
Chicago, Illinois
Business Law

Doug has a broad-based business practice, incorporating 28+ years of experience in the areas of real estate, commercial and corporate law, banking, and estate planning and probate law.