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Steve Fischer
Steve Fischer
139 Ocean Drive
Rockport, TX 78382

361 727 1700

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Steve Fischer
Steve Fischer

Attorney Profile
Law School

Indiana University, Bloomington
1975 - 1977


361 727 1700

I practice law on the coast in Rockport but have practiced all over the state.  I mix teaching, writing, investing and hobbies with legal work so as not to become too bored or burned out.

I wish the state bar was more supportive of its members but the higher-ups enjoy mandating more rules, costs and obligations.  As I wrote in the January 2011 Texas Bar Journal  - Point >>Counterpoint, perhaps if the bar had democratic elections instead of a board picking its own recent members behind closed doors -they might be more responsive.

I am a single parent with two children  - one lives in Andrews Honor's Dorm at UT the other is a ten year-old sweetie who goes to school  with me in a friendly arrangement.

I love animals and have a wildlfie area on a peninsula off I-37 between Corpus and San Antonio.

I strive for health and fitness and race my doggie a couple of times a week and lose.

I like playing sports but also watching my favorite teams.  Cal - Indiana Univ- Sam Houston- UTEP - North Texas and the Mavs  and Dodgers.  Green Bay as long as it has Aaron Rodgers and Desmond Bishop (both from Cal).