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Michael Reiter
Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

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(909) 708-6055

Michael Reiter | Inland Empire Personal Injury Attorney


Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law is a Redlands, California-based law practice with an emphasis on Personal Injury Law.  Michael Reiter also practices in Municipal Law, including Code Enforcement, Civi Litigation, Small Business Law and Real Estate Law, including Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation related to property damage caused by flooding.  Michael Reiter serves the entire Inland Empire, and practices in the state and federal courts of Riverside County and San Bernardino County.  Michael Reiter is very familiar with Inland Southern California because he has lived in California all his life, and is a native of the Inland Empire.

Michael Reiter's Personal Injury practice focuses on helping people whose body, mind, reputation or property have been damaged.  Michael Reiter assists those who have been injured by the government, businesses and individuals. Mr. Reiter's Personal Injury Law practice includes: accidents and personal injuries; car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, character injuries; dangerous property including dangerous conditions of public property; financial injuries; intentional injuries; mass accidents; serious injuries and catastrophic injuries; trespass, nuisance and real property torts; eminent domain and inverse condemnation (including flooding); and and wrongful death.

Michael Reiter has over twelve years of experience as a lawyer.  After receiving an A.B. from the University of California, Berkeley and a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University School of Law, Mr. Reiter moved back to Southern California's Inland Empire in 1998.

Michael Reiter worked as an attorney for Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino for more than a year.   Michael Reiter's work at the Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino included defending indigent clients in Unlawful Detainer cases.

In 2001, Michael. Reiter became a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Bernardino.

At the City of San Bernardino, Mr. Reiter prosecuted violations of the San Bernardino Municipal Code and adopted codes.  Mr. Reiter co-advised the City of San Bernardino's Code Enforcement, including regarding citations, administrative warrants, administrative hearings.  Mr. Reiter handled a variety of civil cases on behalf of the City of San Bernardino. 
Mr. Reiter defended the City of San Bernardino from claims of Dangerous Conditions of Public Property involving tree branch drops, upraised sidewalks, and potholes.  Mr. Reiter defended City of San Bernardino employees in motor vehicle cases, including from such departments and divisions as the San Bernardino Police Department, and Animal Control.  Mr. Reiter defended San Bernardino Police Officers from claims of civil rights violations under 42 United States Code section 1983, including allegations of excessive force and violations of the 4th Amendment (Search Warrants). Michael Reiter also advised the Telecommunications Division regarding telecommunications law.  Mr. Reiter also defended the City in actions such as petitions to quiet title, eminent domain and inverse condemnation, and other real property matters.  Mr. Reiter advised the City on municipal law issues such as the Brown Act, the Political Reform Act, and the Public Records Act.

Michael Reiter became the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Redlands in 2006.

Mr. Reiter acted as City Attorney in the absence of the City Attorney.  Mr. Reiter gave City of Redlands employees and departments advice on public works contracts, telecommunications law, land use, and other aspects of municipal law.  Mr. Reiter defended the City in lawsuits including dangerous conditions of public property, motor vehicle accidents, and alleged civil rights violations.  Mr. Reiter also prosecuted violations of the Redlands Municipal Code, including at administrative hearings and in San Bernardino Superior Court.  Mr. Reiter drafted agreements and municipal ordinances and resolutions.   Mr. Reiter also appeared opposing Pitchess Motions.

Today, Michael Reiter is a Redlands-based attorney helping clients with needs in Civil litigation, including Personal Injury, Small, Business Law, Real Estate Law, including Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation (particularly from flooding), and Municipal Law, including Code Enforcement.
Contact Michael Reiter at (909) 708-6055 and [email protected].