Judy Zimet - Law Student Ally

Judy Zimet
Law Student Ally

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Judy Zimet
Law Student Ally

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Law School

2009 - 2011


The Law Student Ally Approach

Law Student Ally matches you with a law school graduate who knows what you are going through and is specially trained to help you succeed.

What an Ally Does

Your Ally actively monitors your progress and advises you regarding any aspect of your law school career where you or your Ally feel you need assistance. Your Ally is your personal assistant, advocate, trusted advisor, mentor, and coach who:

  • Listens to what you need and helps you get it
  • Prepares you for law school classes before they begin
  • Reviews study material and assignments
  • Diagnoses learning tangles and helps clarify difficult material
  • Gives advice on how to best prepare for exams
  • Helps schedule and prioritize tasks
  • Uses education-based diagnostics to recommend strategies for effective learning
  • Looks for opportunities to win competitions, scholarships, and recognition
  • Monitors syllabi and sends reminders of upcoming assignments and tests
  • Monitors the academic calendar and sends reminders of upcoming deadlines
  • Reviews outlines and one-sheets
  • Recommends study material and supplements
  • Guides internship selection and application
  • Recommends lifestyle changes to free more time
  • Takes existing writings and looks for opportunities for publication
  • Provides guidance with business etiquette, networking, and interviewing
  • Guides you toward your career goals

How It Works

  • Communication is key. Your Ally continually seeks to learn your strengths, weaknesses, goals, wants, and needs.
  • Share all syllabi, schedules, and relevant school work and communication so that your Ally is fully informed of your responsibilities. Your Ally monitors your work and gives you structured, constructive feedback. Your Ally addresses your concerns, helps you prepare for the future, and focuses on increasing your efficiency while decreasing your stress.
  • At least once a week, your Ally talks with you to listen to your needs and to help you meet those needs. Your Ally is trained to ask the right questions and to determine the best way to make your law school experience more successful. Your Ally is always available to assist you in finding solutions to any aspect of your law school experience.

Why It Works

There are two types of people you encounter in law school:

1.  Those who have time to listen and help, but don't know what you are going through or how to help you, and 

2. Those who are going through it with you and are too overwhelmed with their own work to help you with yours.

Law Student Ally Is Tailored To Your Needs

Law Student Ally looks at your classes, your syllabi, your outlines, your briefs, your assignments, your exam schedule, your law school goals, your career goals, your home life, your social life, and your dreams and helps you organize, prioritize, and perform to your best ability.

Is Law Student Ally For Me?

The program benefits students who:

  • Want to maximize time and earn higher grades to increase career opportunities
  • Are feeling enormous stress as they struggle to stay afloat
  • Juggle work, family, and law school

Law school is the most intense educational challenge you ever experienced. The volume of material you are required to master is massive. Law Student Ally provides a total approach to meet the challenge by matching you with a person who has a Juris Doctorate and knows how to help you earn yours as well.

Protect Your Investment

The job market for new graduates is the worst in nearly 20 years, and a higher percentage of those who find jobs, are finding jobs that do not require bar passage. On top of that, according to the American Bar Association and a survey of student engagement, nearly one-third of respondents said they would owe about $120,000 upon graduation. With tuition on the rise, topping $50,000 annually at some law schools, and job placement on the decline, it is more important than ever to protect your investment. With fewer jobs, and more debt, you need to graduate with an impressive resume that gives you the edge over the many other applicants with whom you will compete. Your Ally is your tool for achieving the success you need to rise above the statistics.