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Laura Guzman Magill
Magill Guzman Magill
1060 Fulton Mall, Suite 806
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Laura Guzman Magill
Magill Guzman Magill

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Law School

Santa Clara University
1991 - 1993



Former Prosecutor Now a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fresno

Laura M. Guzman Magill, the firm’s vice-president, began practicing law in Fresno in 1997. She started her career at the Alameda County District Attorney’s office where she was successful in her first two jury trials as a law clerk. Though she began her legal career in the Bay Area, for more than a decade she has been practicing law in Fresno where her local knowledge of valley courts and procedures has proven priceless to her clients innumerable times. 

She began her local law career in the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office in the misdemeanor and juvenile dependency units. Laura Guzman Magill went into private practice in 1999 shortly after which she represented one of 12 defendants in Fresno County’s largest and longest jury trial. In that trial, her client was the only defendant not convicted of 60+ felony sex crimes charges.

Since then, she merged practices with her husband, Charles Magill, where they have served their clients as a formidable legal team. Together they have established a reputation as some of the most effective defense attorneys in California.

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 Breast Cancer Survivor, Mother, Award Winning Artist and Leading Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Laura Guzman Magill is a breast cancer survivor and has blogged extensively about her battle with the disease which is now in remission ( She is also a mother of five children three of whom are in college while the other two younger children live at home. As an active member of the Fresno community, she has consistently given back to the city and people who have given so much to her.  She has acted as a High School Mock Trial Coach at Bullard High and Central High and shared her legal knowledge with students as a High School Debate/Forensics and Mock Trial Judge. She has been on the planning Committee of the San Joaquin College of Law Barrister Balls; recently she won a first place ribbon at the Fresno Fair for her art work and fashion design and has shown her art work at the Fresno Museum. She has also been a Sunday School teacher and PTA President, and she has also served a Young Life Leader.

An attorney is not only a collection of legal facts. Your attorneys’ life experiences fundamentally influence the way that they will defend you. Your attorney’s life experiences will impact how a jury and judge respond to their arguments. 

With Laura Guzman Magill on your side, you will have a dedicated, knowledgeable, and proven criminal defense lawyer by your side. You will also have a lawyer who has a deep well of legal knowledge and life experience to draw upon for your defense. For tenacious legal defense from a Fresno law firm with an exceptional reputation, call Laura Guzman Magill and Charles Magill at 559-255-3425.