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Law Bureau #25
Zelenyi prospekt 3/10 bldg 15
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Law Bureau #25

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+7 495 518 7262

I am an advocate (lawyer/attorney/barrister) at Law Bureau #25 which is a part of Inter-regional collegium of advocates of Moscow. My registration number (ID number) is 77/4508 at the Moscow Advocatory Chamber (Moscow City Bar Association) register.

I have started practicing law in 2001.

In 1996 I graduated the Moscow State Law Academy (former All-Union Correspondence Law Institute), holding a lawyer degree.

Prior to gaining Advocacy status (license), I spent nearly 10 years in trading business which enriched my expertise in a wide field of business. Mostly as a trader and then as a regional sales manager, I was involved in raw materials (metals and concentrates) and FMCG import/export trading in Russia, CIS countries and Europe. During this quite long period I worked for multinational companies operating both from Moscow and abroad: Zurich, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona.

Before, in early 90-es, I spent a year in Cape Town, South Africa, practicing English.

I provide legal services to Russian and foreign nationals, expats, Russian and international businesses in Russia and abroad. The services are advice and consultation, legal paper work, representation, pre-legal settlement, litigation and arbitration, court award enforcement.

 My advocate's experience over the years has included the following jobs:

- participating in arbitration and litigation hearings in Moscow and outside;

- advising Russian and foreign companies on the matters of threatened arbitration in Russia;

- advising, representing and defencing Russian and foreign citizens and stateless persons on the various matters in civil, administrative and criminal cases in state bodies, investigation and courts;

- representing a foreign construction company in a number of arbitration disputes against a Russian state-run agricultural company in courts proceedings;

- representing a foreign construction company as a creditor in bankruptcy procedure of a Russian debtor company;

- representing a foreign trading company in a number of arbitration disputes related to the production equipment supply against a major Russian steel company in outside Moscow courts proceedings;

- implementing court's decisions on behalf of Russian and foreign individuals and businesses via bailiffs service;

- acting on behalf of a privately owned company in several disputes for real estate purchase and sale deals in Moscow;

- advising and representing Russian and foreign individuals on family, inheritance, labor and real estate matters.

 December 2010 and January 2016 I was awarded with Merit Certificates for Professional Skills by Moscow City Bar Association and The Federal Bar Association of the Russian Federation accordingly.