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Carole Dennison
The Dennison Law Firm, PC
301 Rutherford St.
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Carole Dennison
The Dennison Law Firm, PC

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1969 - 1974



 At the Dennison Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping South Carolina residents achieve optimum resolution of their legal problems and needs.

We help hundreds of South Carolinians each year in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. We provide mediation services to parties as an alternative in the dispute resolution process.

When you retain us as your probate attorneys, we can assist you with every phase of the probate process so that it is as painless and smooth as possible from your first contact with the probate court to the closing of the estate.

Our Practice Areas include -

•             Social Security Disability

•             Probate & Estate Administration & Litigation

•             Workers’ Compensation

•             Personal Injury

•             Civil Mediation

We, the Greenville SC attorneys and Staff of the Dennison Law Firm, are committed to drafting and providing these special and essential documents to our clients at a fair and reasonable cost. Call us for a free claim evaluation today.