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Michael Stetler
Stetler Law Group
1400 N. Seminary Ave., Suite L,
Woodstock, IL 60098

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Michael Stetler
Stetler Law Group

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1998 - 2000



(815) 529-4554

 Michael R. Stetler is a Woodstock family attorney with specialized knowledge of taxation, accounting and finance, and has represented hundreds of divorce and family law clients over the past decade. 

The Stetler Law Group represents divorce, family law and estate planning.

In this increasingly complex and fast-paced world, legal representation of is a necessity in any divorce, family law, estate planning, or probate case. 

Woodstock family attorney Michael Stetler handles all types of divorce cases, including those with child custody, child support, and complex property settlement and financial issues. 

Michael R Stetler can provide superior legal representation in your divorce and family law matters. Call Michael R. Stetler at (815) 529-4554.