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J. Ryan Potts
Brotschul Potts LLC
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Chicago, IL 60606

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J. Ryan Potts
Brotschul Potts LLC

Attorney Profile

Brotschul Potts LLC has committed itself to providing fair, comprehensive and reliable legal and consulting services for your family and your businesses.  From assisting you in nurturing a business dream into reality to representing your interests in a time of need, Brotschul Potts has dedicated itself to you.

We provide a broad range of legal services to individuals, small businesses and start-up companies. The practice of law is a service orientated business.  Brotschul Potts not only recognizes that, but welcomes it. All of our clients have a significant presence in the Chicago, Central Illinois and Midwest regional communities.  Brotschul Potts' core areas of practice involve the following six niche markets:

  • Banking
  • Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups
  • Real Estate Owners and Developers
  • Litigation
  • Construction
  • Local and State Legislation

Since it's inception, Brotschul Potts has represented numerous banks with all of their lending and collection needs.  From documenting transactions and consulting on deal structure to negotiating and documenting complex work-out and litigation procedures, Brotschul Potts has been a reliable and sound banking resource.  

Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Companies and Private Investment Funds
Brotschul Potts has been successful in leading entrepreneurs and investors through the business start-up and capitalization process. Through our experience, we have found that our clients value us for our dedication, unique understanding of their business, practical approach to resolving issues and our reliable and economic legal counsel. Our counsel and advice covers a variety of issues including creating the appropriate entity structure, formulating the appropriate employment structure and facilitating private placements of debt and equity.

Real Estate Owners and Developers
Our real estate practice and background is truly unique. Our work involves sales, development, construction and financing projects but also adds the benefits of actively pursuing new opportunities for our clients. Our clients include developers, investors, lenders, municipalities and individuals. In addition to the transaction-oriented real estate counsel we provide property owners and developers, we also handle environmental and land use issues, zoning, code regulation and tax issues as well as landlord/tenant and property owner disputes. All Brotschul Potts members are licensed realtors in the State of Illinois.

We provide litigation counsel to individuals and businesses.  Brotschul Potts lawyers have had unprecedented results on behalf of Plaintiffs and Defendants throughout the State of Illinois and across the United States.  From personal injury claims to business disputes, Brotschul Potts lawyers assist individuals and entities obtain the right results for the right reasons.

Brotschul Potts works hard to resolve your construction matters and protect your project in a thorough manner while keeping your financial and legal interests in mind.  Brotschul Potts counsels our clients through bidding and document preparation, construction contract disputes, contract negotiation and formation, contract performance, warranty issues, mechanics liens, payment/performance claims, government contracting/public projects, collections and disadvantaged and women’s business enterprises (DBE/WBE).

Legislation and State/Municipal Practice
Our Legislation and State/Municipal Practice is committed to being on the cutting edge of legislation and litigation affecting you and your business.  Brotschul Potts clients have come to expect well reasoned, unique and comprehensive legislative opinions on ethics, state/municipal liability and business procurement matters.

Brotschul Potts’ Representation
Brotschul Potts distinguishes itself by being immersed in our clients' businesses and responsive to our clients’ personal needs. We get to know the people, culture, business and industry in which our clients live, work and operate. The value of partnering with our clients in this way delivers legal advice that not only addresses a specific issue or problem, but advice that also works within an individuals’ and companys’ business strategy, bottom line goals and personal and economic comfort zone.  Brotschul Potts is Your Attorney, Your Advocate and Your Advisor.