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James Hsui
James Hsui, PLLC

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+1 929 376 8888

Hi, I'm James, principal attorney at James Hsui, PLLC, a New York law firm focused on nonprofit law, business law, and public and private international law. I also serve as General Counsel to an internationally operating 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advocates for and supports United Nations objectives, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, in Africa and the African diaspora.

Prior to founding my firm, I served in the function of principal legal adviser, political affairs adviser, and executive officer to a high-level United Nations official. Throughout my career in law and diplomacy, I've had the privileged opportunity to play critical roles in transactions and consultations involving international organizations, governments, global companies and NGOs.

In my free time, I code (PHP/Javascript/ASM), cook (French/Asian), hack video games (legally, of course). I was a former championship level competitive ballroom dancer.

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