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The Fishman Firm, LLC
The Fishman Firm, LLC
211 North 13th Street, Suite 801
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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The Fishman Firm, LLC
The Fishman Firm, LLC

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University of Pennsylvania
2009 - 2019



Former prosecutor, Brian Fishman, founded the Fishman Firm with the goal of providing unparalleled legal representation to individuals in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties charged with criminal offenses. Whether you’re a college student charged with possession of drugs, a local resident arrested for DUI, an individual arrested for sexual assault, or a convicted felon charged with firearm charges or possession with intent to deliver, Brian Fishman has the knowledge, the experience, and the resources to obtain the best possible results in your case. Contact him today.

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Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Payment Methods: cash, visa, mc, amex, check