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Aaron Bundy
Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy, PLC
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Aaron Bundy
Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy, PLC

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University of Tulsa
2003 - 2006



(918) 208-0129

Statistically, most cases settle. Most criminal charges resolve by plea agreement, and most civil cases, including divorces, end with a negotiated settlement.

I go to court and try the cases that don't settle. From the moment I became a lawyer, people have sought me out for help when they were falsely accused or when the other side was trying to bluff them or bully them into making a bad deal. I spend my time working on being the best trial lawyer I can be so no one can push my clients around. I am often hired at the eve of trial when it becomes apparent that the case will not settle and a real trial lawyer is needed to get the job done. In many cases, I am the third or fourth attorney to take the case, and in those cases, I am generally the one who picks up the case, gets it ready and goes to trial with it.

I am board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a family trial lawyer, and I am a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. There are hundreds of phony badges that attorneys can buy to put on their websites and claim to be a "Top 10" attorney. My credentials are real and you can look them up. I can tell you how I handle cases and why I do things differently than other attorneys and back up my methods with objective information and cutting-edge psychological research.

I work with clients to resolve important matters privately and by agreement when possible. When the other side is unreasonable or will not agree, I have the training and trial experience to provide skilled advocacy and representation in court for my clients.