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Louis Lehot
L2 Counsel P.C.
California Ave #2, Palo Alto, CA 94306, United States
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Louis Lehot
L2 Counsel P.C.

Attorney Profile

Louis Lehot has formed L2Counsel, P.C., an elite boutique law firm in Palo Alto, California, to serve the innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs and their investors. Whether your company is two people just getting off the ground, or a large publicly traded company, Louis’ team has the experience and expertise to serve your interests. L2 Counsel specializes in representing high growth, innovative companies, helping them at all stages of development. From assisting with financing from seed or venture capital investors, to preparing for a public financing on a major international joint venture, Louis takes pride in assisting companies as they grow. Helping a business get big, go public, or get acquired, is his specialty. Louis has worked across sectors, from artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, enterprise software, real estate, life sciences, to clean energy technologies and projects. His broad experience uniquely positions him to provide tailored advice to drive outcomes for his clients. Louis is widely known for his expertise in cross-border transactions, and has been a prominent leader in Asian investment in US based companies. L2Counsel is positioned to serve innovators across a wide range of sectors and Louis welcomes conversations to help ideas reach their growth objectives.

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Defining Success: What does it really mean?

Louis Lehot, a successful Silicon Valley Lawyer and entrepreneur shares his definition of success in the article. He explains that as the father of two teenagers and a spouse recovering from cancer, he is trying to impart a sense of both security and comfort, even when he is feeling anxious himself.

“Looking for A Lawyer? Choose wisely, your business is at stake,” says Louis Lehot from L2 Counsel


Choosing the right lawyer that fits your business is one of the most important steps you can take in today’s litigious world. Whether you are launching a new venture, pivoting to reposition your current business or have a “bet the company” challenge or opportunity, finding the lawyer that fits your unique situation is critical.

Protecting Contracts in the Age of COVID-19: ‘Material Adverse Change’ Clauses


“When looking to determine whether a material adverse change clause has been breached, a court would likely assess whether the adverse change in question is ‘material’ to the transaction as a whole, and over a substantial period of time and amount. A temporary condition that exists during a short period won’t cut it.”