Kerley Schaffer LLP is a full-service law firm focused on personal injury and bad faith insurance claim disputes. Based in Oakland, we have 50 years of experience. We specialize in helping accident victims and customers mistreated by their insurance companies. We represent ordinary people who need extraordinary help. Insureds. Employees. Accident victims. We succeed by digging deeper, working harder, and never letting go. Decades of trial and appellate experience, plus a commitment to justice, add up to results for our clients. We sue insurers when they act in bad faith. We represent people injured in accidents. When we say “full service” we mean more than we do it all. We mean doggedness, aggressiveness, and excellence across the board.

Relentless. It’s our favorite word. At Kerley Schaffer, we represent ordinary people who need extraordinary help. We dig deeper, work harder, and never let go.