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Shane Krugler
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Shane Krugler
Krugler Law, LLC

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(513) 916-1600

Shane Krugler is a family man, veteran, seasoned business professional and dedicated attorney. After more than 15 years working in regulatory compliance and ethics within the financial services industry, Shane unexpectedly discovered he had more to offer himself, his family and his community after a family member became very ill. 


Shane found the health care system very challenging to understand, let alone manage. Even as a regulatory attorney, he realized that government benefits, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration were confusing and near impossible to navigate alone. 


During this time, Shane also found that his own family, as well as most other families he talked with, was not prepared legally or otherwise to manage life's unexpected events. So, Shane left his corporate position as a compliance and ethics executive to starts a law practice dedicated to serving families and small businesses.


Shane focuses his practice on protecting families and business owners by proactively planning for the unexpected and the inevitable so that his clients can create and maintain lives worth living and legacies worth leaving.