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Robert Koester
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Robert Koester
dbS Productions

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(434) 293-5502

Robert J. Koester first joined the Appalachian Search & Rescue Conference in 1981 and since then has participated in hundreds of searches. He holds a Master of Science degree in biology (neurobiology) from the University of Virginia. His contributions to search and rescue include seminal research on lost person behavior (with emphasis on dementia) and the International Search and Rescue Incident Database (ISRID). A Type 1 incident commander, instructor for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and past president of the Virginia Search and Rescue Council (15 years), Robert has also worked for the United States Coast Guard, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Park Service, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Author of numerous books and articles on search and rescue, he is currently creating the International Journal of Search and Rescue. He has presented in Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and throughout the United States.

dbS Productions provides consulting and special services on selected topics.  In addition to their principle investigator we have a vast network of SAR contacts making it possible to assemble the best team to meet your needs.  Topics include but are not limited to:

    * Development of SAR training courses and curriculum
    * Research and statistical analysis of SAR/fatigue topics
    * Database development and analysis of missing person behavior
    * Development of an organization's work/rest policy
    * Development of SAR standard operating procedures
    * Development of objective performance measures
    * Natural disaster mortality and cost performance measures
    * Hazardous materials awareness custom training
    * Certified asbestos environment remote video services
    * Expert Witness on Search and Rescue/Alzheimer's wandering cases