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Windle Turley
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Windle Turley founded the Turley Law Firm in 1973. Since then he has been ready to seek justice for clients in Dallas, North Texas, and many other parts of the United States.

Mr. Turley is renowned for innovative communication techniques during trial to illustrate to the court the impact of an accident or injury on the victim’s life. He has also been recognized for his ability to develop and apply new theories for recoveries for his clients.

In addition to extensive experience as a litigator before some of the state and country’s highest courts, Mr. Turley is an accomplished lecturer and author. He has written more than 50 articles on trial preparation and litigation, as well as two books: Aviation Litigation and Firearms Litigation. In addition, he is a published wildlife photographer. The Amazing Monarch Butterfly’s Wintering Grounds.

To find out how Windle Turley can help you with your case, please call the Turley Law Firm at 214-691-4025 today for your free consultation, or email [email protected]