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Joseph Abrams
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(714) 883-9822

From his federal criminal defense law firm in Anaheim, California, attorney Joseph Abrams provides unmatched representation and results to clients in Orange County and all of Southern California who stand accused of or are under investigation for any type of federal criminal offense. As a recognized lawyer with more than 23 years of legal experience, Mr. Abrams promises to aggressively defend your rights and liberties at all turns as he works hard to help increase your chances for a successful outcome.

Prior to starting his own law practice, Mr. Abrams spent his legal career working for the federal judiciary as a sentencing specialist and presentence supervisor, and served as the exclusive sentencing liaison to a sitting federal district court judge in the Central District of California.

During his career, Mr. Abrams worked on more than 1,000 federal criminal matters, covering virtually every type of federal offense. Over the course of his career, Mr. Abrams developed expert knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines and federal sentencing advocacy. Mr. Abrams gained recognition within the judiciary, and among the federal defense bar, as a federal sentencing guidelines expert and a trusted source for matters involving federal sentencing.

With extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of federal criminal practice, including expert knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines and federal sentencing advocacy, Mr. Abrams achieves notable success in obtaining favorable results for his clients' serious and pressing legal challenges. Law Office of Joseph Abrams is a trusted source for individuals and organizations facing serious accusations of federal crimes.

Mr. Abrams provides an honest and direct assessment of each case so that the client has the opportunity to make the best decisions for their situation and their future. Whether you are facing federal investigation or federal charges, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer with unmatched knowledge, skill, and experience. You need Joseph Abrams.