James Ermini - James M. Ermini, Esq.

James Ermini
James M. Ermini, Esq.
Residential - 16 N. Main Street
Petersham, MA 01366


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James Ermini
James M. Ermini, Esq.

Attorney Profile


Creative, energetic, result-oriented attorney with substantial legal experience. Focus on real estate and business transactions, elder law, estate planning, and municipal law.

Seventeen year member of the Massachusetts Bar.

Town of Petersham:
- Nine year member/attorney for the Zoning Board of Appeals.
- Eight year member/attorney for the By-law Revisions Committee.
- Six year member/attorney for the Affordable Housing Partnership.

Board of Directors - Mt. Grace Land Conservation Trust (2001 - 2004)

Accomplishments include:

-Drafted the Petersham Affordable Housing Plan (approved by the Mass. Dept. of Housing & Community Development - 08/2005.)

- $1.4 million client settlement.

- Defeated multi-billion dollar and multi-milliion dollar commercial developers.

- Drafting and strategically garnering community support/adoption of municipal by-laws.

- Helping people keep their homes in the event of foreclosure or nursing homes