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John Lauhoff
John P Lauhoff Safety Consultant, LLC
3693 Winding Pine Dr
Metamora, MI 48455


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John Lauhoff
John P Lauhoff Safety Consultant, LLC

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John Lauhoff, PE, CSP
3693 Winding Pine Dr.
Metamora, Michigan 48455
Professional Engineer, Certified Safety Professional, Accident Investigation Expert
Mr. Lauhoff has over 30 years of experience in industry and the United States Air Force Reserves, balancing a dual career for nearly 15 years. During this time, he has investigated hundreds of industrial/construction accidents and has an extensive background in safety, accident investigation, and accident reconstruction.
Mr. Lauhoff is a retired United States Air Force Pilot and Civil Engineering Officer, and is a retired Chrysler Safety Engineer.
Automotive, Industrial Safety, Construction Safety, Legal, Military
BAA, Central Michigan University
Mr. Lauhoff is the sole member of John P. Lauhoff Safety Consultant, LLC and is a Lead Consultant at Kevin Kennedy & Associates, Inc.,providing expertise in safety engineering, accident investigation, accident reconstruction, industrial accident, construction accident consulting, expert witness testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients. 
Mr. Lauhoff has investigated hundreds of industrial accidents during his 30 plus years with General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. In addition to the automotive “Big Three” he was the safety director at a sheet metal stamping plant and was the corporate safety director for an automotive supplier. In this capacity he was responsible for safety in 14 plants, covering a span of seven (7) states. During his tenure he has been responsible for safety in stamping, assembly (automotive and drive train), machining, plastic (SMC, blow molding, and extrusion molding) plants. 
Mr. Lauhoff has extensive knowledge of Industrial and Construction safety, and is very competent in his knowledge of OSHA standards. For a number of years he was active with the Michigan OSHA standards committee.   Mr. Lauhoff has been involved in equipment manufacture and design from the conception stage through completion and installation, as it pertains to safety compliance.  His career spans both employee and equipment safety related issues. The types of accidents he has investigated includes, but is not limited to: powered industrial vehicle; fork truck; personnel cart; tug; dolly trains; lock out-tag out; electrical; arc flash related; limit (safety) switch failure; equipment malfunction; equipment design; improper equipment cycling; conveyors (overhead and floor level); hand tools; grinding operations; crane operations (bridge, wheeled, and tractor) roll over, load imbalance, operator/load mishaps; pile driver; slip and fall (insideand outside parking lot- weather related); railroad crossing; switcher truck; pedestrian; loading dock; overhead door; chemical burns; ergonomic related injuries; and employee/operator failure to comply with standards, training, and instruction.
Mr. Lauhoff has been involved in construction safety related to the use of, but not limited to: bulldozers, excavators, screeds, dump trucks, cement trucks, and scaffolding.
Mr. Lauhoff is a retired United States Air Force officer. During his military career he served as a pilot and civil engineering officer. While serving as a pilot he flew missions in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and most of the continental United Sates, including Hawaii. As a civil engineering squadron commander he led teams to locations throughout Europe and the continental United States, as well as on humanitarian missions to Central America and the Caribbean. On these missions it was common for him to interface with the country’s Ambassador, or their Minister of the Interior.
Mr. Lauhoff started assisting in litigation cases in 2005. He has assisted in both plaintiff and defense cases, and has trial and deposition experience. He has never been challenged. Mr. Lauhoff’s extensive experience in working with individuals, of all levels, has proven to be invaluable in assisting him in gaining the confidence of others, and taught the importance of negations and open communications.

CSP - Certified Safety Professional
PE – Professional Engineer; Registered in Massachusetts, Discipline: Safety
Licensed Pilot: Multi-engine, Instrument, Commercial license
C130 Pilot (Military)
Civil Engineering Officer (Military)
[email protected]   810-252-9279