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Eric Little
The Law Office of Eric R. Little
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Eric Little
The Law Office of Eric R. Little

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(888) 404-0777

Mission Statement

• To protect your interests with honor and dignity

• To represent you faithfully, zealously, affordably

• To counsel you candidly, accurately and ethically

Eric R. Little has dedicated his strong educational background, extensive courtroom experience, and business knowledge to provide outstanding representation to each and every client, with meticulous attention to the client's particular circumstances, interests, and strengths. The most important bottom-line is understanding the subtleties of your situation for the best outcome. The practice takes on trial cases as projects, and avoids a case-load based on volume of clients. Similarly, Mr. Little reviews each transactional matter for its unique goals and interests, in order to maximize your success in personal and business legal matters. In this way, Mr, Little seeks to ensure that each case gets the attention, preparation, strategic planning, and advocacy it deserves--for legal fees that fit within your budget.

The practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Criminal Law (Misdemeanors, Family Violence, Drug Crimes, DWI/DUI, Felonies, Sex Offenses, Expunctions, Non-Disclosure Orders, and White Collar Crime)
  • Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Abduction Cases, Adoptions, Probate and Guardianship Matters)
  • Real Estate (Property Purchase & Sale, Partitions, Landlord-Tenant, Easements, Boundary Disputes, and Deed Disputes)
  • Commercial Law (Construction Law & Litigation, Business Formation, LLCs, Corporations, Collections, and General Business Counsel)
The Law Office of Eric R. Little enjoys taking on difficult and complex issues, with a focus on investigations and technological tools for a strategic advantage in case preparation and presentation.

Mr. Little maintains an "open-door" policy for clients to communicate with him in a number of ways, including e-mail, voice-mail, text messaging, FaceBook and Twitter.  When he is "on-the-go" in court or meetings, Mr. Little receives client communications in real-time and endeavors to respond to requests for information in a prompt and efficient manner, so the client always understands that Mr. Little is involved and addressing his or her needs.
If you have a question or a referral, e-mail Mr. Little at: [email protected], or call him at (888) 404-0777.