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Daniel Malis

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I am an advocate for personal injury victims and their rights.

I am not a "personal injury factory" with a Boston address. I'll be personally involved in every case decision, including early settlement negotiations up through a jury verdict. I don't just show up when it's time to sign the settlement check.

I have successfully litigated and tried cases for victims of poorly designed products, medical malpractice, construction site accidents, automobile collisions and other injury claims. I’ve obtained, during my years representing injured victims, over 20 million dollars for them and their estates, through settlements, trials and appeals. I believe in gaining justice for my clients; one case a time, one trial at a time and one settlement at a time.

Not sure what to do if you've been injured in an accident? Consult my "Ten Commandments of Personal Injury" to ensure you take the proper steps to protect yourself.


I am a trial attorney, focusing for over 25 years primarily in personal injury. My interest and sympathies as a lawyer were formed watching my father, a local lawyer who represented working class clients. I learned from my father that the proper focus of a attorney's practice was not the "thrill" of the trial, but the pleasure of helping people. He also taught me to practice law focusing on my clients' needs. I hope that I have carried that focus into my own practice.

After initially defending personal injury claims for insurance companies, and then representing corporate clients at a large downtown Boston firm, I commenced full time representation of injured workers and individuals at a multi-million dollar personal injury firm in the Boston suburbs. In the last ten years of practice, I have obtained over $20 million dollars in settlements on behalf of my clients. These results included substantial jury verdicts and settlements in all fields of personal injury law, including medical malpractice and wrongful death claims; products liability recoveries; automobile accidents; railroad and rail crossing injuries; slip and fall injuries; and other forms of claims.

I formed my current practice in order to truly focus on my client's needs. I have also expanded my practice to give my clients access to commercial and general civil representation, and real estate services.

I have secured over $20 million in gross settlements for clients I have represented in personal injury actions. Highlights include:


  • $1.02 million judgment against general contractor for asbestos insulator injured in construction site accident causing exacerbation of already symptomatic back
  • $3.6 million partial settlement against general contractor and subcontractors for burst fracture of vertebra with surgical fusion caused by collapsed staircase (awaiting trial against architect and engineer);
  • Participated as trial attorney in nationwide tobacco litigation, including Scott v. American Tobacco litigation in New Orleans
  • $650,000 settlement (including workers’ compensation lien waiver) for female electrician suffering shoulder injury in construction worksite accident
  • $550,000 settlement for construction worker suffering heart attack after motor vehicle accident between employer’s car and a State Police cruiser pursuing another vehicle in high speed chase
  • $525,000 judgment (reinstated by Appeals Court) for 65 year old woman injuring shoulder after slipping and falling at supermarket
  • $487,500 products liability settlement against product manufacturer and installers for woman struck by tilt-in window while being opened, causing disc herniation and fusion
  • $485,000 products liability settlement while awaiting trial for woman with healed hip fracture and alleged dizziness against trailer hitch designer resulting when husband mis-installed hitch, causing motor vehicle accident;
  • $435,000 FELA settlement for back injury of injured railway worker slipping on ice inside maintenance barn
  • $350,000 settlement for back injury for forklift operator whose lift fell off the back of a truck during unloading when truck rolled away from loading dock
  • $350,000 wrongful death settlement for estate of 9 year old girl struck by train while spraying graffiti on train underpass
  • $285,000 settlement while awaiting trial against McLean Hospital physicians and security company for injury to cleaning contractor when a potentially violent patient was not properly secured
  • $235,000 products and general liability settlement for woman with knee injury caused by marble floor’s excessive slipperiness on rainy day
  • $220,000 settlement for HVAC worker with resolved injury to knee suffered when jumping down from scaffolding onto worksite debris
  • $250,000 construction site and products liability settlement for ironworker’s fractured fingers after he operated swing staging into contact with building protrusion
  • Award of Permanent Total Disability after Workers’ Compensation Hearing for 31 year old maintenance worker due to permanent spinal cord nerve root injury from successful back surgery
  • $175,000 settlement of workers’ compensation claim for construction worker with disc herniation after fall from ladder on construction site
  • $165,000 settlement of liability claim for schoolteacher attending NIH training summer program in Pennsylvania (including payment of workers’ compensation claim against employer)
  • $150,000 settlement for truck driver with already-arthritic knee when knocked down by forklift while delivering load
  • $150,000 settlement for fuel delivery driver suffering elbow injury due to improperly secured fuel tank cover of construction contractor
  • $140,000 settlement for truck driver’s estate for knee injury caused by malfunctioning deck plate after injured driver died from unrelated causes