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Wade Moriarty
Moriarty Law Firm
404 Heights Blvd.
Houston, TX 77007


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Wade Moriarty
Moriarty Law Firm

Attorney Profile
Law School

South Texas
1991 - 1993




Wade & Mike Moriarty make up Moriarty Law Firm. "The Red Zone Lawyers" is a name that we have adopted. In football, the “Red Zone” is the part of the field from the opponent’s 20-yard line to the opponent’s goal line. It becomes harder to score a touchdown in the Red Zone. How well a team performs in the Red Zone often determines the outcome of a game. The Litigation Red Zone is when it gets tough to deal with a legal claim or a case. In this zone, one needs a legal professional to call the right plays in order to be successful. Moriarty Law Firm has been making the right calls for its clients for over 40 years.
We fight hard to achieve the best results possible for our clients and take pride in offering sound legal representation in what is often a stressful situation. Most importantly, we treat our clients like family.

Serious Injuries
-  Wrongful Death
-  Spinal Cord Injuries/Paraplegia/Quadriplegia
-  Brain Damage
-  Burns
-  Broken Bones
Vehicular Accidents
-  Automobile Accidents
-  18-Wheeler/Trucking Accidents
-  Motorcycle Accidents
-  Pedestrian Accidents
-  Drunk Drivers
-  Automobile Defects
-  Rollovers
-  Seat Belt, Air Bag or Tire Failures
-  Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
Work Accidents
-  Refinery Explosions
-  Maritime/Jones Act/Longshoreman Claims
-  Construction Site Accidents
-  Toxic Exposure
-  Worker’s Compensation Non-Subscriber
-  Third Party Worker’s Compensation
-  Railroad Accidents/FELA
-  Asbestosis/Mesothelioma
General Liability
-  Consumer/DTPA
-  Dangerous or Unsafe Products
-  Premises Injury/Security Negligence
-  Childcare Negligence
-  Slander/Defamation
-  Malicious Prosecution
Pharmaceutical/Prescription Drug Liability
-  Avandia
-  Accutane
-  Bextra
-  Celebrex
-  Fosamax
-  Ketek
-  Neurontin
-  Ortho Evra Patch
-  Panacryl
-  ReNu
-  Viagra
-  Zicam
-  Zyprexa
Medical Malpractice
-  Misdiagnosis/Non-diagnosis
-  Shoulder Dystcia
-  Brachial Palsy
-  Cerebral Palsy
-  Nursing Home/Assisted Living Neglect
Employment Cases
-  Employment Discrimination
-  Sexual Harassment
-  Wrongful Termination
-  Whistleblower Claims
-  Overtime Wage Issues
Business/Commercial Law
-  Contracts
-  Business Formation
-  Business Disputes
-  Shareholder Litigation
-  Securities Issues
Estate Planning & Probate
-  Wills
-  Trusts
-  Administration of Estates
Family Law
-  Agreed Divorces
-  Adoption