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Diane Mader
Law Office of Diane L. Mader
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Diane Mader
Law Office of Diane L. Mader

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University of Wisconsin
1979 - 1982



608 836 7667

Divorcing clients looking for compassionate, professional representation will find my services a good fit.  Divorce doesn't end families. Parents going through divorce need to find a way to transform their parenting relationship to meet the needs of their children.

Collaborative divorce is a good option for people looking for a better divorce process. Collaborative divorce is civil, private, and future focused. The needs of the family are at the center of the decision-making, settlement process.  Collaboratively trained attorneys represent each party. A professional team is created to bring neutral experts to the table.

If collaborative divorce is not a viable option, I also represent clients using the traditional divorce process but in a way designed to minimize conflict and make litigation a last resort.

I also provide mediation to traditional and non traditional families.

I am an experienced employment mediator. I am available to provide mediation services for non-profits, school districts, and businesses of all types.  

More information is available at my web site, www.maderlaw.com.

I am part of a collaborative practice group with two mental health professionals trained as coaches and an independent attorney trained in collaboration.  We are available to provide efficient collaborative services under one roof. More information on our collaborative practice group is available at www.collaborativepracticecommunity.com.