We have lived in an apartment for the the past three years and they have over watered and we have complained for the past 2yrs because we developed mold in our entire home.

We have mold at a toxic level in our home. The management knew about it and allowed us to move in after we learned that the prior tenants moved out because of the same problem. Management would not clean or fix the problem properly. They would come in and just paint, we are all suffering from side effects and my mom has a heart condition that she never had, and a very hard time breathing and headaches as well as the rest of us! Even skin rashes. What can we do ? We are very upset due to the fact that now that corporate is involved, they are still choosing to hide the facts and being very sneaky about hiding it. Even though i made sure that the GM looked directly at the mold and admitted we had to leave now!!! Who can help us with accurate testing because we know that as bad as it is they're are others they may not know what they are living in. We need medical advice and treatment by a MD. Sorry so long just very concerned about long term health effects.
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As a legal question, you can look at the terms of your lease and see if any of the terms have been violated.  If so, then you can sue for breach.  You could also move if you are really concerned about health issues.  Also check with the environmental agency in your state to have some testing done.