I have a long, ongoing problem with my HMO. How can I find appropriate representation when I don't even know what kind of an attorney will best represent my case

Fed Cobra ran out end of calendar 2010. Informed not eligible for Cal Cobra. Any new ins. source incl. my "old" HMO told me neccessary med. treatment would not be covered - "pre-existing condition"! After much too much to go into now, after 3 months without health ins., all of a "sudden", I had ins w/ my old HMO if I was willing to pay premiums from 1-1-11 thru 6-30-11 "to make Cal Cobra Seamless" constant coverage - and THEN, I could get my surgery under continuing patient status - IT GETS even more illogical/confusing: I called re: pre-admit forms and out of pocket expectations. Told there would be "no cost to patient" - Asked for and received via US Mail -written conformation. 3 days later checked in and met with "that will be $XXXX.XX, copay toward eventual cost. Had procedure done, have received 4-5 letters re billing, most of which I dont understand and seems consistantly inconsistant. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THE APPROPRIATE CATAGORY OF ATTORNEY TO FIND OUT IF A "CASE" EXISTS.
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