What next? Filed a complaint w/ State of MQA board over abusive dentist in 1/2013. He was arrested 3/2013 (nothing to do w/ me) But the decision handed down explained the behavior towards me. He was ordered to Drug Rehab. Informed FL, they turned a blind

I've been more or less told "Tuff Luck" from every Dental Assoc. Incl. the State of Florida & he continues to practice. I cited in my complaint 1/2013 that he became aggressive, irrational, even shouting at me. That was when I fled in fear. It was to be my last appt. He dismissed me for voicing a grievance with staff over how they handled my acct. , mutual parting of ways. Had returned since being notified & had 5 crowns seated. The last visit was just 1 & I had a new dentist consultation already. Even after relaying the domestic violence & violence against an officer as well as the Judges decision. I have been denied any justification & treatment.I did not put myself in this situation, but I am the only one being really hurt (body & mind) by his actions & the actions of the State of FL! I was looking for relief, not money. Now I would like both. I also had no idea it would take 11 months & I provided everything asked of me as well as even telling dentist I was at his mercy, pls finish (15 min. tops) "Tuff Luck" Actions on both parties was intentional & not justified. Any help appreciated
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