I have a child support case against me by my Mother, who helps raise my son. The Mother is not in the picture and has not been for years. How do I get her included in this support case so all the burden is not mine?

I have $33,000 child support case against by my own Mother. She raises my son but I do for him regularly and make my payments. My life at one point was not good, but it is now and will never be able to climb out of the hole she's putting me in. I do not think it fair, my son's mother is local but does absolutely nothing for her son, and has not seen him; however all the financially burden falls to me. My future is very bleak financially because of this, my Mother won't budge and I and my Fiance' feel stuck. Please help. I really need to speak with someone over the phone because there was a lot more to this story including illegal activity of law enforcement and the county behind this issue.
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