If I want to conduct a due diligence upon an expert, what is the best way to do it?

Are there are services available that conduct Due Diligence on expert witnesses? By Due Diligence, I mean the cases where the expert was challenged etc. etc.
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Though demanding a list of all cases in which he testified is a simple first step to begin the Due Diligence, a thorough Due D would require taking a look at the case law, the expert's disciplinary history, verifying his certifications, his professional history, bankruptcies, liens, UCC filings, criminal records etc. You never know what information about an expert might help you trounce him during trial. 

Apart from looking at the case laws, you might also want to look at the expert's dispositions, expert reports that were filed, motions to exclude and memoranda in support thereof, oppositions to motion to exclude and any other legal/non - legal document related to the expert. Another good idea would be to look at his publications and see if he has published anything related to the issue at hand. 

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Send a notice demanding a list of all cases in which he testified.