California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 335

The department, in consultation and coordination with the film and movie industry, the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, and the California Film Commission shall do all of the following, contingent upon the appropriation of funds in the annual Budget Act for these specified purposes: (a) Research and maintain data on the employment and output of the film industry, including full-time, part-time, contract, and short duration or single event employees. (b) Examine the ethnic diversity and representation of minorities in the entertainment industry. (c) Determine the overall direct and indirect economic impact of the film industry. (d) Monitor film industry employment and activity in other states and countries that compete with California for film production. (e) Review the effect that federal and state laws and local ordinances have on the filmed entertainment industry. (f) Prepare and release biannually a report to the chairpersons of the appropriate Senate and Assembly policy committees that details the information required by this section.