California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 680

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, when motionpicture production workers are employed by one or more affiliatedentities of a motion picture payroll services company that haselected to be treated and is being treated as the employer of thosemotion picture production workers pursuant to Section 679, the motionpicture payroll services company may apply to the director forapproval of the extension of an existing voluntary plan or plans forthe payment of disability benefits to all motion picture productionworkers employed by all of the affiliated entities of the motionpicture payroll services company. The director shall approve theextension of the voluntary plan to all of the motion pictureproduction workers of all of the affiliated entities if he or shefinds all of the following exist: (1) The voluntary plan to be extended was in existence at the timeof the election of the motion picture payroll services company to betreated as the employer of motion picture production workerspursuant to Section 679. (2) The rights afforded to the covered employees are greater thanthose provided for in Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 2625) andChapter 7 (commencing with Section 3300) of Part 2 of Division 1. (3) The plan has been made available to all of the motion pictureproduction workers of the employer employed in this state. (4) If the plan provides for insurance, the form of the insurancepolicies to be issued has been approved by the Insurance Commissionerand the policies are to be issued by an admitted disability insurer. (5) The motion picture payroll services company has consented tothe extension of the plan and has agreed to make the payrolldeductions required, if any, and transmit the proceeds to the planinsurer, if any. (6) The plan provides for the inclusion of future employees in themanner described in subparagraph (A) of paragraph (2) of subdivision(b). (7) (A) The plan will be in effect for a period of not less thanone year and, thereafter, continuously, unless the director findsthat the motion picture payroll services company or a majority ofmotion picture production workers employed in this state covered bythe plan has given notice of withdrawal from the plan. The noticeshall be filed in writing with the director and shall be effectiveonly on the anniversary of the effective date of the plan nextfollowing the filing of the notice, but in any event not less than 30days from the date of the filing of the notice. (B) Notwithstanding the provisions of subparagraph (A), the planmay be withdrawn on the operative date of any law increasing thebenefit amounts provided by Sections 2653 and 2655 or on theoperative date of any change in the rate of worker contributions asdetermined by Section 984, if notice of the withdrawal from the planis transmitted to the director not less than 30 days prior to theoperative date of that law or change. If the plan is not withdrawnon 30 days' notice because of the enactment of a law increasing thebenefit amounts provided by Sections 2653 and 2655 or because of achange in the rate of worker contributions as determined by Section984, the plan shall be amended to conform to that increase or changeon the operative date of the increase or change. (8) The amount of deductions from the wages of an employee ineffect for any plan shall not be increased on a date other than ananniversary date of the effective date of the plan, except to theextent that any increase in the deductions from the wages of anemployee allowed by Section 3260 permits that amount to exceed theamount of deductions in effect. The amount of deductions, for thepurpose of providing coverage under the plan, shall not exceed thatwhich would be required by Sections 984 and 985 if the employee werenot covered by the plan. (9) The approval of the extension of the plan will not result in asubstantial selection of risks adverse to the Disability Fund. (b) The extension of a plan approved by the director pursuant tosubdivision (a) shall be deemed to have also met the consentrequirements of Section 3257 if both of the following requirementsare met: (1) The plan met the consent requirements of Section 3257 wheninitially adopted. (2) The plan provides for both of the following: (A) Each employee to whom the plan is applicable shall be givenwritten notice of his or her right to reject coverage under the planand a written statement setting forth the essential features of theplan prior to or at the time of employment. The form of the noticeand of the statement shall be approved by the director. (B) On or before January 31 of each calendar year, each employeeshall be given written notice, in a form approved by the director, ofhis or her right to withdraw from the plan at the beginning of anycalendar quarter upon giving reasonable notice in writing directed tothe motion picture payroll services company.